The art of sentence construction and writing, as told by a contractor.

Writing affects my current and future professional goals in many different ways. It is present and imperative in my everyday life whether professional, or personal.

Writing has a major impact on my life, and mainly so it begins on a personal level. Writing to me is an art. It a beautiful expression of my self and my thoughts, on paper. To me, proper writing, includes the ability to think free-style, while applying the correct mechanics and logistics to your written thoughts. Just like music. or painting, proper writing sounds beautiful when the aforementioned factors are in sync.

Because I enjoy the process of thought, documenting my life experiences and dreams, and the process of learning; writing plays a significant roll in my life.

In addition, my current professional goals, include attending upper level school. Acquiring a high proficiency and dominance of the written and spoken language, will assist me at succeeding in anything that I wish to accomplish in life.

Furthermore, developing high competency in writing, may allow me to assist other people in the future thru the means of teaching, and will come in handy when it is my time to pursue my Master’s and Doctorate’s degree.

The writing style of a person, dictates much about their persona and level of education. It shows how much a person cares about properly writing a language, and about the way they convey themselves with others. To me, instilling the importance of writing to my children, is a priority. Proper grammar and punctuation, will assist in many life situations. College applications, resumes, scholarship considerations, auto-biographies, etc., are a few examples of circumstances in which the importance of proper writing, prevails.

Thanks to writing, our world is filled with valuable pieces of literature, that contain either historical, cultural, political, spiritual, and imaginative information. Authors from all over the world, have made this possible through the art of writing. Imagine what our world would be like without literature? What would love be without poetry, or imagination without fictional books? What would history be without proper event documentation, or science without data collection? Without writing, the world would lack knowledge and inspiration. Education would be null, and records of history would be non-existent. We owe much of our past, and our dreams to this art.

Writing is an art

Writing is an art, and as every art, it requires a passion and talent. Developing proper writing skills, takes time, consistency, and dedication. Most of the basic fundamentals, needed for writing, are learned in early school years. They are perfected and refined during college, and upper level education courses. Because writing is one of the most common and recognized subjects, it is not unusual to find good tutors, who are willing to assist you at little or no cost. Most colleges, offer free writing reviews, where feedback is provided, and technique advices are reinforced. In addition, there are many free online resources, that provide tips, and hints for proper sentence construction. Local libraries, are also a great resource to research proper grammar and writing structure, in many different languages. It is a general good practice, to always have one or two people, review your work, prior to turning it in. This process is called proof-reading. It will increase the accuracy and quality of your work.

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